Call for Application: Interns needed for Shape-shifting Sailing Robot Project
by videotage 2013-09-17

Cesar Harada, engineer and FUSE artist at Videotage, is recruiting 3 interns for his exciting project on shape-shifting sailing robot – Protei. Protei is an Open Hardware Robot who studies and cleans the oceans. Initially invented by ex-MIT Project leader Cesar Harada to combat the BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, it has become one of the most prominent Open Hardware innovations for the Environment. Protei is set to revolutionize sailing technologies, remote oceanography and ocean cleaning powered by a large international community of environmentalists and makers. Protei on TED Talk:

Job Specifications

1. Product Development (Design & Engineering, Manufacturing)

You will help develop Protei Robot from idea to product. You will take part in the whole process from concept, design, to rapid prototyping, testing at sea to optimizing for manufacturing, to shipping, distribution, to participating in large public presentations & demos. Your day-to-day job will be technical (Mechanical / Electrical Engineering / Product design) and require you to be fluent in English and Chinese in both daily and technical vocabulary. A large part of the work will also be research in design and sourcing part, interacting with retailers and factories in Hong Kong and Shenzhen. You will work closely with CEO Cesar HARADA with hands on fabrication, simple coding with Gabriella LEVINE, as well as 3D on the computer, sourcing parts, running errands and testing in the water. You will also take part in the birth of a vibrant global online-community passionate about the oceans and robotics.

- Background in Mechanical Engineering, Physics / or / Product Design with fabrication / hacking skills.
- English and Chinese fluency ( technical and business vocabulary)
- Required : 2D and 3D Softwares (Adobe CS5), Google docs / Microsoft Office.
Appreciated : Solid Works / 3DSmax / Maya / Inventor, Sketchup, Arduino, Proce55ing, HTML.
- Research and Business basic skills (for sourcing parts, distribution)

- Resourceful, Curious, fast learner, happy and fearless, mobile
- Creative, Problem-solving minded
- Detail oriented, focus capacity, courteous
- Interest in sailing, environmental issues, robotics and innovative open technologies

2. Web Development (Coding & Community development)

You will help develop a website that combines a large global multi-lingual hacker / maker community and a simple robotic sales website. You will work directly with the executive team to refine a concept, workflow and layout of both a front end and back end online community. The CMS we use is Social Engine and it will require a high level of customization involving coding in PHP, HTML5 (desktop / tablet / mobile), CSS, Javascript, using a MySQL Database. The website will have a few static pages, but mostly user-generated content: we call this “Social R&D”, using the addictiveness of Facebook notification to accelerate collaboration ala Wikipedia. Some specific pages like an interactive map will require making a fair use of Google maps API, Facebook API (and more). Some knowledge in Ruby, C++, Python could be handy to connect the website to a fleet of sailing drones in the ocean in real-time (tracking and control system). You will work mostly remotely with CEO Cesar HARADA, COO Gabriella LEVINE (in the USA), and Producer Nadege NGUYEN. You will be the community moderator, which means being active and friendly on the forum.

- Background in web dev / computer science
- Familiar with admin with WordPress, Drupal, Social Engine.
- PHP, MySQL, HTML5 (desktop / tablet / mobile), CSS, Javascript.
- Usage of web apps, widgets and APIs

- Self Motivated, organised
- Responsive, Diligent, Fast learner
- Curious, creative
- Sense for design / layout
- Interest in Sailing, Oceans, environmental issues

3. Marketing & Sales intern (Admin & Marketing)

You will help an innovative ocean technology reach the hands of hundreds, the eyes of hundreds of thousands, the clicks of millions. You will be in charge of creating tools to inspire and reach as many people as possible to join our cause. You may assist the video documentation of our work, blog in English and Chinese, run social media campaigns on Facebook, Twitter and more. You will participate in the business development of a high profile international start-up, yourself being an apprentice social entrepreneur. You will help define and conquer new international waters and markets, short term and long-term business strategies. You will assist running the company on the day to day, with sales, accountancy, some admin, legal and secretarial work. You will be working closely with the Production Director Nadege NGUYEN, but also periodically with CEO Cesar HARADA and COO Gabriella LEVINE as well as Product development and Web Development interns.

- Project management, Mails, calendar, Google Docs, Microsoft Office
- Communication
- English, Chinese
- Research and business skills
- Multi-tasking
- Day to day budget keeping

- Detail-oriented, organised
- Amicable, sociable, outgoing
- Creative
- Efficient, responsive
- Interest in Ocean / Environment issues / innovative technology and mass collaboration


Oct 1 : Deadline to apply
Oct 6 : If we have not contacted you by then, we are sorry, you have not been selected.
Oct 7 -14 : Interviews
Oct 15 : Start of internship
April 2014 : End of internship. Possibility of employment following internship.


Send an email to to tell us about YOU, and explain WHY you want to apply for this internship; attach your CV.